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Following the Sudan map, I made a Kenya map, which is located in Africa. Kenya is an African country that is well known in Korea, and has an image of grasslands and animals running around.

Kenya is a country between Somalia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, and is not a landlocked country, but along the Indian Ocean. The territorial area is not small enough to record 46th in the world, but it is a relatively small country because the surrounding countries are large.

It has a population of 53.77 million, ranking 27th in the world, and has a large population like other African countries. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of which the economy can be seen is $95.5 billion, which is not so good that it ranks 63rd in the world.

Christianity accounts for 80% in Kenya, unlike neighboring countries where Islam accounts for a large proportion. As the trade and financial center of East Africa, it once suffered a lot from the economy, but the situation is improving as efforts are being made to combat corruption and secure foreign aid.

Considering that the per capita GDP is 2,010 dollars, the neighboring countries of Tanzania are 1,172 dollars, Ethiopia 953 dollars and Somalia 600 dollars, which shows a high economic situation.

However, this is a relatively difficult situation for neighboring countries, so it looks relatively good. As the industry is not diversified, it is highly dependent on agriculture and tourism, and it is a problem that it accepts a lot of foreign capital to equip infrastructure.

China One-to-One, which is a big problem these days, is known as a key country for African projects, and in 2017, the 472km-long railway was completed with the support of China.

High reliance on foreign capital means more debt, so when the timing of the situation comes, it will show instability that may cause difficulties. It can be said that Zambia recently declared a default.

However, it was difficult to achieve negative growth in 2000, but due to political stability, the current economic growth rate is about 6%, and it can be said that it is an African country with high economic growth potential as the wary of foreign capital has recently emerged. .

When I learned about Kenya and talked about the map, the program I used was an illustrator, and Photoshop was used to add colors.

Not only one map was created, but a color map, a basic map, and an outline map were made to be used for a variety of purposes.

1. Kenya Map

kenya map

As the Kenya map made this time, since it has a long line of territories, I worked vertically and made it large in A3 size, so if you print it, you can see it large.

Due to the large geographical division, it will be convenient to write a travel review or add information about a specific state through graphic work. Region names are displayed in Korean and English by referring to Wikipedia so that those who want to know the exact name can easily see it.

The neighboring countries of Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, and South Sudan are complex, so the borders are not marked, and only letters are used. Small lakes are not marked, and the famous Lake Victoria is marked.

The capital Nairobi has made it easy to find them by using different colors to distinguish them. It’s a colored Kenya map, so it looks great, so it’s a good idea to use it as an attachment to your blog or site.

2. Basic Kenya Map

kenya map

Colored maps look good and are good for regional identification, but when printed, the text may be difficult to see depending on the quality. That’s why it’s a map that removes the area-coded colors that are always added when creating a map.

Maps for those who don’t like to be colored are white, so you can see the text clearly and mark it after printing, so it will be easy to use.

This will be especially useful for those who want to add travel information using a graphics program like Photoshop, or only add color to a specific area.

3. Contour Kenya Map

kenya map

Finally, this is a map with only outlines, which is good for those who want to create Kenya map with their own information using graphic programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

Since the letters and colors have been removed, you will be able to work comfortably when adding information or changing the color to your liking. The border line also doesn’t use dotted lines, so you can do it quickly when adding color.

Since Kenya map are made in three types, it will be convenient to download and use the one that suits the purpose of use. In addition to the Kenya map, we have made maps for various countries, so if you are providing information through maps, please refer to the map category above and download the map you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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