Hallyu Survey Who is a star loved all over the world?

“Who is the most popular star in the Hallyu survey?”

17 surveys conducted by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism We conducted a Hallyu survey among men and women aged 15 to 59 who have experienced Korean cultural content. In this report, you can see the preferences of various Hallyu such as Korean food, fashion, drama, and movies. Among them, let’s find out the top 5 in the category of Korean singers and groups that they prefer.

The hallyu survey report is organized into Asia, Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.As of 2018, the 1st BTS, 2nd Psy, 3rd Black Pink, 4th Big Bang, 5th EXO ranked in the rankings. . If so, let’s find out which singers and groups are popular in the 2019 survey.

1. BTS

Hallyu Survey

Without needing to speak, BTS, loved all over the world, took first place. The countries with the highest preferences are Indonesia, Brazil, France and Turkey, and the countries with the lowest preference are China.

The Asian region prefers groups that include their own citizens, so China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand appear to have lower preferences than groups that have members from that country. In China, singers and groups who were active prior to Hannyeong had more preference.

2. Black Pink

Hallyu Survey

Black Pink is a girl group that is gaining popularity around the world enough to successfully complete more than 20 concerts in Asia and Oceania. Lisa from Thailand has gained overwhelming popularity in Thailand and has a strong preference in neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Outside of Asia, it is gaining popularity in the UAE and South Africa, and was ranked 3rd in the 2018 survey, but as the recent album gained great popularity, its preference rose to 2nd in 2019.

3. Psy

Hallyu Survey

Psy, who gained great popularity around the world with Gangnam Style, placed third. In Asia, India has the highest preference, Brazil in the Americas, Turkey in Europe, and South Africa in Africa.

In the 2018 preference survey, it ranked 2nd, but in the 2019 preference survey, Black Pink took its place and ranked 3rd.

4. Twice

Hallyu Survey

Twice, which debuted through the Mnet survival program SIXTEEN, is a representative girl group that has gained great popularity from the first album to the present day. Since Japanese and Taiwanese members are included, their preferences are overwhelming in Japan and Taiwan, and their popularity is rising in Southeast Asia through overseas performances.

In 2018, it wasn’t ranked 5th in the Preference Ranking, but in 2019 it was ranked 4th, confirming its global popularity.

5. Big Bang

Hallyu Survey

Although the members enlisted in the military and there was an accident, Big Bang, which is still loved around the world, ranked 5th in the ranking. In Asia, China, Malaysia and Vietnam have a high preference, and in Europe, Turkey has a high preference.

It was ranked 4th in the 2018 Preference Survey, but 5th in 2019.

Korean singer saw out the survey, the group came to the two sectors Rating TOP 5 ranking 6th out of girlhood, 7th Dragon, 8th exo, IU 9th, 10th, Super Junior high affinity.

Looking at the Hallyu survey by country, Girls’ Generation in China, Twice in Japan and Taiwan, and Black Pink in Thailand and Malaysia showed the highest preference. The full report can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency.

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