Apink Son Na-eun training suit revealed

“Apink Son Na-eun reveals the recent status of wearing a training suit during active activities”

A Pink Son Na recently posted 2 photos on Instagram. The released photo shows people listening to music wearing adidas’ sweatpants, who have been working as models from 2018 to the present.

Son Na-eun is in charge of beauty within the team to the extent that he has the nickname of Son Goddess, Son Center, and Son Na Goddess for his extraordinary beauty, and he continues various activities such as drama, entertainment, and advertisements as well as Apink activities.

After gaining great popularity with the recent mini album %% (Yeah), they have a break, and according to the agency, they are preparing for a comeback in April.

Son Na-eun

With its flawless skin and pure and clean image, he is receiving love calls in various advertisements. When you open the can, the filming video for’Taste Great Tuna‘ has been hit by over a million in just two days.

Under the influence of an advertisement with Pengsoo, Apink’s Son Na-eun has a comment that says,’Put the can, open the can’ on Instagram. Since the advertisement video, the behind-the-scenes of the filming has also been released, and you can check it on the official YouTube of Dongwon Tuna.

He was also active as an actor, starting with’Salamander’ and’Shadow Manipulator’, and appeared in dramas such as Dae Feng Shui, the childless sergeant, the second twenty years old, and the most beautiful parting in the world, the return of the family, and the movie.

There has been no drama appearance since 2017, but news of the drama has also been delivered recently. ‘365: One Year Against Destiny’ MBC Mon-Tue Drama, the original webtoon of the same name, scheduled to be aired in May as a follow-up’Would you like dinner together? ‘The appearance has been confirmed.

The drama, starring Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye, has confirmed the appearance of supporting actors such as Lee Ji-hoon, Ye Ji-won, Park Ho-san, Ko Gyu-pil, Lee Hyun-jin, and Ahn Tae-hwan. It is a delightful romance drama that heals.

A Pink Son Na-eun, who is known for her innocent and kind image, has also done good deeds by donating 50 million won if it would be a small contribution to the recent infectious disease.

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