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Following the Kenya map, I made a Uganda map, which is located in Africa. Among African countries, Uganda can be said to be well-known in Korea along with Kenya.

In the case of Kenya, it can be said that I know it well because it is a place that has been mentioned in the broadcast, but Uganda is a country that I did not see with interest.

I think I learned about the news of the civil war and the news of hunger. Uganda is a landlocked country between Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but has large lakes such as Lake Victoria, Lake Edward and Lake Elbert, so it has a naval power.

In 2017, there was also a bloodshed with the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to illegal operation of the Edwards and Elberts. In the case of the largest Lake Victoria, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania are protecting their resources by managing their catch through joint fisheries management.

Uganda’s territory is not large enough to be ranked 79th in the world, with a population of 46.74 million, ranking 31st in the world. It can be said that the population is larger than that of the country.

The gross domestic product (GDP) of which the economy is known is 34.3 billion dollars, which is the poorest country in the 94th place in the world. The GDP per capita, which shows the actual economic situation, is 915 dollars, and if you compare it with neighboring countries, Kenya 2,010 dollars, Tanzania 1,172 dollars, Ethiopia 953 dollars, Somalia 600 dollars show a difficult economic situation.

Since it is a place where the media is controlled, it can be said that it is a country that is so controlled that it is impossible to know what is happening in Uganda, and it is a country where the role of the government is not functioning properly, such as the outbreak of AIDS and barely sleeping with the help of the US.

And the cruel behavior of the rebel group called God’s Rebels makes Uganda a lawless zone and it is difficult to conduct economic activities, so it can be said that it is one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Despite this difficult situation, Uganda is home to 3% of the population, accepting refugees arising from the civil war in neighboring countries.

However, if political stability is achieved, it can be said to be a country with great potential because it can sustain foreign aid, has fertile land and rich mineral deposits.

When I learned about Uganda and talked about the map, the program I used was an illustrator, and Photoshop was used to add color. Not only did I create one type of map, but I made three types of maps: color maps, basic maps, and outline maps for various purposes.

1. Uganda Map

uganda map

This is the Uganda map created this time. The size was made in A3 in the way it was previously made, and the name of the region is displayed in Korean and English by referring to the Wikipedia administrative district document.

The area is made up of 4 states and 80 districts. When creating a map containing the districts, it is very complicated and the working time is lengthy.

There are large lakes in Uganda, and the representative places to get fish such as Edward, Lake Elbert, Lake Victoria, and Lake Kyoga are marked so that you can see where they are located.

The neighboring countries of Tanzania, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan are marked with letters only, without making boundaries. Since it is a colored map, it will be great for viewing after printing or posting on a site or blog to use as a reference.

2. Basic Uganda Map

uganda map

Color maps are nice to see, so you will probably prefer them. However, when printing, it can be inconvenient if the text is difficult to see due to the color, or if you want to add color only to a specific state with a graphic program such as Photoshop.

So, this is a Uganda map with the colors removed for regional division. Since it is white, the text will look better and will be convenient when adding information with a graphics program.

3. Contour Uganda Map

uganda map

Finally, this is a Uganda map with all colors removed. It is a map that is more convenient to work with graphics than the basic map above, and since we have checked all the breaks in the lines, you will be able to add color comfortably.

I also wanted to add and use information directly rather than the map created when providing country information using a map, but there is a copyright issue and it was difficult to find a map with only outlines, so I always make it when creating a map.

We introduced three types of Uganda map. You can download and use the one that suits your purpose. In addition, since we have made maps of various countries, please refer to the map category from the top menu and download the map of the country you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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