How to edit shotcut and how to add subtitles

The shotcut editing program is free to use and has a variety of functions, so some users use it. Especially, it is good for those who want to do simple editing without using advanced functions. Let’s look at how to edit shotcut and how to add subtitles, which are the basics.

Since it is a free program, you may think that the subtitle function is simple, but since there are many options and even 3D text can be implemented, those who do cut editing and add subtitles can do it without difficulty.

The method of editing cuts and adding subtitles introduced below is similar to the method of using most editing programs, so those who have used other programs will be able to do it quickly by looking at the shotcut editing instructions below.

1. How to edit frames

edit shotcuts

The way to load the video is to open the file in the upper left corner, and when the video is loaded, it will appear on the preview monitor. To put it on the timeline, drag the video and drop it on the timeline or click the down arrow on the top.

edit shotcuts

If you have created a video clip in the timeline, you need to edit the cut now, but it can be difficult to find the shortcuts for the crop function because they are different for each program.

If you right-click on a video clip, you can see that the shotcut is’Cut at the playhead position’. Click this to cut it, or press the shortcut key S to edit the shotcut.

2. How to add subtitles

edit shotcuts

If you have edited the cut, you need to add subtitles, but first you need to add a track to add subtitles. Right-clicking on the V1 section brings up the options for the track.

Here you can add a track by adding a video track or inserting a track.

edit shotcuts

If you have added a track, click the More button on the top left to add text (subtitles).

edit shotcuts

When the text is selected, the input window shown above appears. Enter the subtitle to be added here and click OK.

edit shotcuts

When subtitles are added, subtitles appear on a black background. This means that the video clip does not appear in the background because the timeline has not been added.

After selecting the subtitle, drag it and drop it on the added track, and the video clip will appear in the background.

3. edit shotcuts Subtitle options

edit shotcuts

If you look at the subtitle option, there is a field called Insertion, which is a hash sign, timecode, frame, and file date that you can easily put in. When you click to enter the subtitle, the field will be inserted.

Subtitles can use the installed font, and you can set the outline, thickness, background color, and alignment.

The size is different from other programs in the form of resolution, so you may not know at first. If you are uncomfortable, you can adjust it directly on the preview monitor.

To move the subtitle, you can see a transparent circle icon in the center, click it to move it.

In the case of Liteworks, which was introduced recently, it was not possible to input Korean, so I copied it from Notepad and added it, but the shotcut was easy to use because Korean input was good.

Since it is not difficult and easy to edit video cuts and input subtitles, if you want to do simple editing, please install it for free and see the shotcut editing method introduced above and work on it.

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