How to add Avid subtitle and set options

I wanted to use the Avid program, so it has limited functions, so I tried to use it, but I learned how to add Avid subtitle similar to the program I use.

Looking at the manual, I found that it was similar to the program I used, but one thing that was unfortunate was that it was not supported in Korean, just like the previous Lightworks, so I had to paste it with a notepad.

I tried to find out how to fix this part, but there was not much information because it is a program that is not known to general users in Korea. We are constantly looking for ways with Lightworks, but if we find out, we will write additional articles.

So, let’s see how to add subtitles, which may be simple and difficult for new users.

1. Add video track

Avid subtitles

Subtitles can be applied directly to video clips, but video and subtitles must be separated for editing, so right-click on an empty space in the timeline and select New> Video Track to add a video track.

The shortcut key is Ctrl + Y, and the free version only allows you to use up to 4 tracks, so if you need to use multiple subtitles, you can edit only one track without difficulty.

2. Add Avid subtitle

Avid subtitles

Once you have added a video track, click the created video track and click the T icon in the toolbar. If you want to use a shortcut instead of using the toolbar, it is not set by default, so you can refer to the recently created shortcut setting method.

Avid subtitles

When you click the T icon, subtitle options appear, and the pop-up window is an option that can be used when entering subtitles.

Avid subtitles

When you enter subtitles, the text is invisible because you have not set the visible. In the timeline, you need to click on the video track you created as shown above.

This is a part of the embarrassment when first entering subtitles, as selecting the 2nd video track will show all tracks since then. So let’s see how to add subtitles.

Avid subtitles

To input subtitles, click the T icon in the options and enter subtitles on the preview monitor screen. Since it is not possible to write Korean, you can copy and paste it after entering it on a notepad or sticker.

3. Avid subtitle options

Avid subtitles

There are 4 options for Avid subtitle. Face can be set to size, tracking, Italian, rotation, and transparency. Shadows are shadow effects, Edges are outlines, and Frames are background options.

Avid subtitles

How to apply the subtitle effect is activated by clicking on the one shown above and you can adjust the options.

Avid subtitles

If you want to create an animation that moves the subtitles from left to right or from bottom to top that can be seen in the broadcast, click on Effects in the Effect Editor to activate it and then select it.

Crawl allows you to create subtitles that move from left to right or from right to left. You can select the default Crawl, or select CrawlPg Left or CrawlPg Right to move in the desired direction.

Roll is a subtitle effect that moves from bottom to top by making subtitles appear at the end of the movie. In addition, it has a tracking effect, so you can create subtitles that follow the subject.

I tried to explain it as clearly as possible because it is the most basic thing to know in the Avid subtitle editing process, but I don’t know if it worked. Let’s look at the Avid manual and write about additional features.

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