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Following the map of Uganda, which is located in Africa, this time I made a Albania map, which is located in Southeast Europe. Albania is a country bordering Montenegro to the north, North Macedon to the east, and Greece to the south, which is not well known in Korea.

When you watch YouTube, it is introduced as a European country where prices are as cheap as Southeast Asia, and it has a strong image of being the poorest country in Europe. However, it is true when compared to representative countries in Europe, but it is impossible to compare it with the poorest countries in Southeast Asia.

The territorial area is not so large that it ranks 143rd in the world, and has a population of 2.87 million, which is the 139th in the world. Gross National Product (GDP), which shows the economic situation, is $15.2 billion, which is not good enough to rank 188th in the world.

The per capita GDP, which shows the real economy, is $5,268 as of 2018, which is not so good as it is $6,083 in North Macedonia, $8,844 in Montenegro and $20,324 in Greece.

Since the economic situation is worse than those of neighboring countries, many young people are leaving for employment in Greece, Italy, Germany, etc., and the population is decreasing due to immigration rather than birth problems or mortality that Korea suffers.

This situation can be seen more accurately if you watch Albanian university students’ interviews on YouTube. Most young people are trying to leave to get a job.

Greece, which has a poor relationship due to territorial disputes, does not favor Albania, which is a large number of illegal immigration, and North Macedonia, located in the north, is also experiencing conflicts with residents due to illegal immigration.

However, if you look at the economic growth rate, it shows the possibility of development at 4.1% in 2018, and the insufficient infrastructure is growing rapidly, so it can be said that it is a country that can develop sufficiently if attracting foreign capital and making good economic plans.

The main resources are chromium, nickel, iron ore, and crude oil, and the largest trade target is Italy, with 45% of exports and 33% of imports. The current status of trade with Korea is automobiles, petrochemical products, and medical devices, and imports include shoes and clothing.

As for religion, Islam is the highest with 56.7%, and Eastern Orthodox has a high record of 6.8%. When I learned about Albania and introduced a map, the program I used was an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color.

Not only one map was created, but a color map, a basic map, and an outline map were made to be used for various purposes.

1. Albania Map

albania map

This is the shape of the Albania map created this time, and it has a long line of topography, so the work was done vertically, and the name of the region was marked in Korean and English by referring to Wikipedia.

The capital Tirana uses a red star icon to help you find it right away, and neighboring countries Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo do not create borders, but only use letters to indicate where they are.

Albania is made up of 12 states and 36 prefectures, and we have created a map showing the states. When we upgrade the map later, we will create a map showing the prefectures.

Since it is a large A3 size, it can be attached to the wall when printing, and the color is included so it looks good, so it would be a good place to attach it to a site or blog that provides Albania travel information.

2. Basic Albania Map

albania map

Following the color map, this is the Albania map with the colors used to identify regions. I also made a map type with color removed because it looks good if it contains colors, but the text may not be visible depending on the print quality.

Because the terrain is white, it’s great to use while writing after printing, and you’ll find it convenient to add information with a graphics program like Photoshop, or just add color to specific states.

When I provide country information, I prefer to have no color like the map above rather than a color map, because white background and black text are good for those who know the area because they have high attention.

3. Contour Albania Map

albania map

Finally, the Albania map with all colors and text removed. Since there is only an outline, people who want to color only a specific state or add country information using a graphic program will be able to work comfortably.

And because the size is A3, it won’t break even when working while expanding. If you want to create a Albania map with your own information when providing travel reviews or country information, you will be able to work comfortably by using the map above.

We made maps of various countries as well as the Albania map introduced above, so if you need a map, please go to the map category from the top menu and download the required ones for free.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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