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Following the Cameroon map, I made a Mozambique map, which is located in Africa. Mozambique is a country along the Indian Ocean, between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia.

Mozambique’s territory is not small enough to be ranked 33rd in the world at 7,9938,000 hectares, with a population of 31.2 million, ranking 46th in the world.

Gross domestic product (GDP), which shows the economic situation, is one of the countries with poor economic conditions, ranking 119th in the world with 14.9 billion dollars. The GDP per capita, which shows the actual economic situation of the people, is 484 dollars, which can be said to be the poorest among Africa.

Experts view three main reasons for the poor economic situation: political unrest, corruption, and lack of leadership. In particular, the quality of life of the people is deteriorating because economic activity is impossible due to political instability and social costs are being paid due to corruption.

In such an unstable situation, external aid may be partially offset, but Mozambique has a conflict with the IMF, which has greatly reduced aid, and political instability makes it difficult for foreign capital to flow.

As the economy is bad, the hunger problem is also serious, and the hunger is so severe that it is only about 15 points apart from Central Africa, which recorded the most severe hunger score.

In addition to economic problems, there is a great deal of anxiety in security, but the terrorism of Islamic militants, which is believed to be linked to the IS, is continuing. There is.

And the problem that most African countries face is that the trade deficit is large because most of the industrial products depend on imports.

Mozambique’s main exports are coal, aluminum, tobacco leaves, and aquatic products, and natural gas development is underway, which could drive future economic growth. Religion is believed to be Catholic 28.4%, Protestant 27.7%, and Muslim 17%.

When I learned about Mozambique and talked about the map, the program I used was an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color. Not only one map was created, but a color map, a basic map, and an outline map were made to be used for various purposes.

1. Mozambique Map

mozambique map

This is the Mozambique map created this time. Region names are indicated in Korean and English by referring to the Wikipedia Administrative District document. As the territory is long, the work was done vertically so that you can see it large, and it was made in A3 size.

The borders of neighboring countries South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and Tanzania may look complicated, so in order to make it simpler, we did not mark the borders, but only used text to know the location.

Mozambique is made up of 10 states and 1 city, with 10 states listed above and 1 city located in the capital city of Maputo.

The most populous city is the capital, Maputo, with a population of 1,191,613. The city with the smallest population is the port city of chinde, with 16,500 people.

When I first produced it, I made it by referring to an old map, so the division of the region was made different from the current one, but I knew the wrong part and made it again by referring to the latest version.

Since the regions are separated by color, it is good to look at, so it would be great to use as an attachment to a blog or site that provides information about your country or travel to Mozambique.

2. Basic Mozambique Map

mozambique map

The second Mozambique map is a map type from which the colors used to identify regions have been removed. If there are colors, the text may be difficult to see depending on the print quality.

So, it would be convenient to use a color-removed map to add color or information to a specific area using a graphics program such as Photoshop. I thought about this kind of need when I was making a map, but there are some people who want to remove the color from the map I uploaded at first, so I add it to the map.

3. Contour Mozambique Map

mozambique map

Finally, this is a Mozambique map with the letters removed from the color. It is a more convenient map for those who want to work with graphics rather than a basic map. And since we have checked all the breaks in the lines, you will be able to comfortably add colors.

The above three Mozambique maps are all made with illustrator, so even if the lines are enlarged, they will not break. In addition to the Mozambique map, we have made maps of various countries, so if you provide country information through maps, please select a map category from the top menu and download the desired one for free.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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