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Following the map of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I made a Cameroon map, which is located in Africa. Cameroon is a country between Nigeria, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Cameroon is ranked 52nd in the world with an area of ​​47.54 million hectares, and has a population of 26.54 million, ranking 52nd in the world. The GDP, which shows the economic situation, is ranked 91st in the world at $38.7 billion. Although it is not designated as the least developed country, the economic situation is not good.

The GDP per capita, which shows the actual economic situation of the people, is $1,533, which is better than the poorest countries in Africa.

The reason why the economy was difficult was oil-producing countries, but the fact that the industry did not diversify due to the lack of infrastructure, along with the decrease in profits due to the decrease in production as it could not find new oil fields, and the fact that the country was supported by agriculture and mining, which are the primary industries, prevented economic growth. That is why.

If you look at the size of trade in Cameroon, the trade balance is always negative because imports are more than exports, which is a chronic problem with African countries.

The main export items are cocoa, coffee, solid wood, rubber, cotton, and bananas, and other monetary crops. Imports include semi-processed products, industrial materials, machinery, and food products. Major trading partners are China, the Netherlands, Spain, and India. And trade with Korea.

Cameroon is pursuing a change in the industrial structure beyond the primary industry by establishing a strategy to leap into an emerging industrial country in 2035, but is in a serious financial crisis due to the economy that failed to become independent from France, falling oil prices and reducing foreign aid funds.

Religion is influenced by France, and Catholicism and Christianity are the highest at 70%, followed by Muslims at 20% and indigenous religions at 7%.

To this extent, I can learn about Cameroon and talk about the map. The program I used is a good illustrator for printing, and I used Photoshop to add color.

Not only one map was created, but three types of maps, color maps, basic maps, and outline maps, were available for various purposes.

1. Cameroon Map

cameroon map

This is the Cameroon map created this time. Since the topography is long, I worked vertically and indicated the name of the region in Korean and English referring to the Wikipedia administrative district document.

Surrounding countries, Gabon, Central African Republic, Congo, Nigeria, and Chad can be complicated, so we did not create borders and marked them with letters so that you can know the location.

Cameroon is divided into 10 states and 58 prefectures. Dividing into prefectures can be complicated and there are few people who want to make a map showing the states.

When looking at population density, there are more western states than eastern states, with the most western states and eastern states with the least population. Color is used for regional classification, so it is good to distinguish and look good, so it will be good for those who want to attach it to a blog or site.

2. Basic Cameroon Map

cameroon map

The color map introduced at the beginning is good for distinguishing regions, but when printed, text may be difficult to see depending on the print quality. So I also made a Cameroon map with colors removed.

Since the color has been removed, the text will be visible when printing, and it will be good to use while writing. Especially if you want to add your own information to the map using a graphic program such as Photoshop, you will find it comfortable to work with.

The size is also A3, so if you enlarge it when printing or working on graphics, it will not break.

3. Contour Cameroon Map

cameroon map

The last Cameroon map is a map type with all colors and text removed. It is a map for those who want to work with graphics. It is a large size and has all the breaks in the lines, so it will be convenient to create a map with your own information using a program such as Photoshop.

Before making maps, I also looked for maps that are good for printing or contour maps when creating additional information, so I made several types of maps that could be used for various purposes, not just one map.

If you are writing information about the country, travel reviews, and historical events, you may need to mark it using a graphic program. You can use the map above to make your work easier.

In addition to the Cameroon map, we have consistently made maps of various countries, so if you provide information through maps, please go to the map category from the menu at the top of the site and download the necessary maps for free.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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