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Following the map of Armenia, which is located in Europe, I made a Serbia map, which is located in Southern Europe. Serbia is a country located between Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, a landlocked country nestled on the Pannomian Plain in the center of the Balkans.

Serbia’s territorial area is 88,360,000 hectares, which ranks 112th in the world and has a population of 8.73 million, ranking 98th in the world.

The GDP, which shows the economic situation, is $51.4 billion, which ranks 85th in the world. Compared to representative European countries, the economic situation is not good. The GDP per capita, which shows the real life of the people, is $7,246, which is higher than that of Bosnia and Herzegovina and lower than that of Romania.

There are many reasons why the economy has become difficult, but the Yugoslav civil war, which has been a major historical event, has led to economic sanctions from the international community that have led to a fall.

In order to overcome the difficulties, the company promoted the full privatization of the Party property and attracting foreign capital in 2003, but the policy failed as foreign investment fell to half and the trade deficit grew.

Serbia’s main exports are electronics, automobiles, steel, vegetables and fruits, and imports are crude oil, electronics, steel and machinery. Looking at the industrial structure, mining and agriculture account for 13%, manufacturing and construction industry 22%, and service industry 65%.

The economic growth rate reached around 4% in 2019 and fell to -2.4% in 2020 due to the pandemic. Experts believe that foreign direct investment is on the rise due to the announcement of economic growth strategy and will show an economic growth rate of over 5% when the epidemic ends due to factors such as employment growth, real wage increase, and pension increase.

Serbia’s defense expenditure is 1.75% of GDP, spending about 1 trillion dollars, which is a significant increase from the previous year. Recently, after 30 years of reviving military classes in high school, I have been paying a lot of attention to national defense.

As for religion, 84.6% of Serbian Orthodox, 5.5% Catholic, and 3% of Islam are believed. To this extent, I can learn about Serbia and talk about maps. The program I used for the production is an illustrator that is good for printing, and I used Photoshop to add colors to distinguish regions.

As I have made so far, I made it not just one map, but three types of color maps, basic maps, and outline maps to make it easy to use when printing or working with graphics.

1. Serbia Map

Serbia map

This is the Serbia map created today. At first, I saw a variety of data for production, but there was no document that could grasp the area at once, so after referring to a foreign map, I searched on Google and displayed the name of the area.

Serbia is made up of 29 districts and 1 special city, and in the south is the United Nations Provisional Administration of Kosovo. I thought that Kosovo would not mark it, but since it is a necessary area for those who want to know about Serbia, I did not leave blank and even marked the administrative districts.

Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Romania, which are in contact with the sights, do not indicate the borders, but only allow the location to be determined by text.

Since it is a colored map of Serbia, it is easy to identify regions and looks good, so it would be a good idea to attach Serbia travel reviews, history and country information to your blog or site.

2. Basic Serbia Map

Serbia map

Then, it’s a convenient map type for those who want to print as a Serbia map with the color map removed for regional division.

When printing, if there is a color, it can save ink because it takes a lot of ink, and depending on the quality of the ink, the text may be difficult to see. Because it has a white background, the text will be visible even when printing.

And when uploading an image on the Internet, it may look complicated due to the color, but since there is no color, those who know the area will be able to see it more comfortably.

Even those who want to add information with a graphic program such as Photoshop will not need to remove the color because there is no color, which will shorten the working time.

3. Contour Serbia map

Serbia map

Finally, it is a Serbia map with all the letters and colors removed. It is a good map for graphic users because it only has outlines. For those who want to add the desired color, I worked while checking all the lines to be cut off.

Since Serbia is a country that is not well known, I think it will be used by those who are traveling or want to know the history of the war. Please use the map above to create a map with your own information.

All of the maps above are compressed files and can be downloaded for free by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom. In addition to the Serbia map, we have made maps of various regions, so if you provide information through maps, please click the map category above to download what you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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