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Following on to the Sierra Leone map, I created a Liberia map, located in Africa. It is a country next to Sierra Leone, located between Guinea to the north and Ivory Coast to the east.

Liberia is a small country with an area of ​​1,1137,000 hectares, ranking 102nd in the world. With a population of 5.18 million, it is ranked 121st in the world, and has a small population. The economic situation is so bad that it ranks 154th in the world with a gross national product (GDP) of 3 billion dollars.

The GDP per capita, which shows the real life of the people, is 677 dollars, which is similar to Guinea 878 dollars and Sierra Leone 533 dollars, and less than Ivory Coast 1,715 dollars.

There are many reasons why the economy has become so difficult, but the biggest factor is the long-standing civil war. The civil war lasted from 1989 to 1997, and the second lasted from 1999 to 2003. The civil war ended with the initiation of peacekeepers in 2003, and the president was elected through an election in 2005 to find stability. However, it can still be said to be a country at risk of civil war.

When looking at the data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are opinions that Liberia is not a suitable environment for investment due to political unrest due to the 7-year civil war, destruction of infrastructure facilities, lack of national finances and administrative power.

The trade deficit, which is one of the problems of African countries, is the same in Liberia, where exports are $430 million, while imports are $2.26 billion, and there are few products produced in Korea.

There are many factors that can make great economic development. Among them, it has abundant natural resources, so if it is politically stable, it can lead to better economic development than it is now.

Iron ore, diamond, natural rubber, coffee, cocoa, etc. It is a major resource and a major export. Among them, iron ore and diamonds are heavily dependent, accounting for 76% of total exports, and the United States is the most dependent on major exchanges.

Liberia is still a representative poorest country with many unstable elements, but it is politically stable, so if a civil war does not occur again, it is a country that has the potential to gradually recover and develop its economy.

To this extent, I learned about the country of Liberia and talked about the map. The program I used was an illustrator, and when I added colors, I used Photoshop.

As before, not only one type was created, but three types of color maps, basic maps, and outline maps were made so that they can be used for various purposes. All types of maps are compressed files and can be downloaded for free by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom.

1. Liberia Map

liberia map

This is the Liberia map created this time. Region names are marked in Korean and English, referring to the Wikipedia Administrative District document, so that they are not searched. The capital Monrovia uses a red star icon so you can find it right away.

Liberia is made up of 15 provinces, of which the most populous region is the capital city of Montserrat, and the least populated region is the south of Grand Crew.

Since the surrounding countries, Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, can be complex, the borders are not marked, but only letters are used to identify the location. Because color is used, it is easy to distinguish regions and it is good to see Liberia information. It will be great for those who do it to use it on your blog or site.

Even those who print Liberia map are made large in A3 size, so they are easy to attach and look at, and the primary colors are not used, so even if you print them, you will see the text well.

2. Basic Liberia Map

liberia map

Then, the Liberia map, with the colors used for regional division, removed. If there are colors, the printing consumes a lot of ink and may not be seen properly depending on the print quality. So, I made a basic map that can be used by those who want to print in bulk.

Since the terrain is white, it is good to use while writing after printing, and if you use a graphic program such as Photoshop to add the desired color or add area information, you will be able to work comfortably.

3. Contour Liberia map

liberia map

Lastly, it is a Liberia map with all colors and letters removed, and it is a map type that is easy to use for those who want to create a map with their own information through graphic work. As I worked while checking all the breaks of the lines when I was working, there is no need to do additional work when adding color.

Since there is only an outline, it will be convenient to use when creating a map with only the surrounding terrain and the terrain with the sea removed. I made 3 types of Liberia map, all of which can be downloaded for free, and since I made maps for various countries, please refer to the map category above and download what you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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