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Following the map of Washington in the United States, I made a Oregon map, located just below. The state of Oregon, a state just below Washington, which was recently created, borders California to the south and Idaho to the east, and borders the Pacific Ocean.

It was directly damaged by the most recent wildfire, and its size is 255km² (223km² in Korea), which is larger than the recently introduced Washington. The capital is Salem and the largest city is Portland.

It has a population of 4,142,776 people, with a total GDP of 242 billion dollars and a per capita GDP of 50,582 dollars. You may not be able to feel about this scale, but if you compare it, it can be said that it is similar to countries with smaller economies, with Vietnam’s 255.2 billion dollars, Philippines 3309 dollars, Colombia 331 billion dollars, and Malaysia 3586 billion dollars.

Because the terrain is mountainous and there are forests, Bigfoot, known as a mystery, is known as a mascot. The economy is developed around Portland, Oregon’s iconic city, and the service industry makes up most of Oregon’s economy, centered on the Metropolitan, located in Portland.

There is not only the service industry, but the manufacturing industry is also greatly developed. Because the land is fertile and the sea is available, agriculture, forestry, and seafood processing are also greatly developed.

In agriculture, oats, wheat, and barley are mainly produced, and cattle are raised in the eastern plains, and because there are many mountains, the wood manufacturing industry is greatly developed.

The reason for the great development of the wood manufacturing industry is that there are mountain ranges and because it boasts about twice the size of Korea, the production of wood is huge. In the fishery industry, many seafood products such as crab, silver cod, salmon, and tuna are caught, so there are many foods that use seafood, and because it is facing the Pacific Ocean, imports and exports are free.

If you look at the representative companies located in Oregon, there are various companies such as Nike, Intel R&D facilities, Leatherman, Cover, and Pentlton. Oregon has lagging job growth compared to other states, but the unemployment rate remains at its lowest level, and the state is working to transform the traditional resource-based economy.

A major achievement would be the high-tech sector growing in the three counties around Portland. If you look at the relationship with Korea, there is a Korean War Memorial Cemetery by sending 298 veterans during the Korean War, and there is also a Korean War Monument in Salem.

To this extent, I can learn about the state of Oregon and talk about the map. The program I used is an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color.

The size is made large in A3, so it can be used for a variety of purposes, and not only one map, but a color map, a basic map, and an outline map.

1. Oregon Map

oregon map

This is a map of the state of Oregon in the United States that was created this time. It wasn’t difficult to work with the states in the United States as the terrain is uncomplicated, but it took a long time to divide because of the many regions.

And in the case of country, it is not difficult to display the name of the region because there is a document for administrative districts in places such as Wikipedia, but since there is no document to give, I searched and marked it on Google.

So, while trying to search as accurately as possible, I marked it, but there may be cases where the English and Korean notation are incorrect. If there is any wrong mark, please leave a comment and we will check it and correct it immediately.

Even if there is no color, it is not difficult to distinguish regions, but because of the color, it is easier to distinguish and looks good, so it would be good for bloggers who provide information using the Oregon map.

2. Basic Oregon Map

oregon map

There are many people who prefer the next color because it looks good, but if there is a color, printing consumes a lot of ink and depending on the quality of the ink, the text may be difficult to see.

So, it’s a basic map that I add every time I create a map. Since the terrain is white, it has the advantage of being able to focus on the name of the area, so it would be great if you would like to use the Oregon map to show your travel route or add information about a specific area.

3. Contour Oregon map

oregon map

Finally, this is a good outline map for those who want to print or create their own Oregon map by displaying local information or travel routes using graphic programs such as Photoshop.

A basic map can be enough for graphics, but if you need to do a task that requires removing text, it will take a long time, so some of you are looking for a map with colors and text removed.

Since it was made large in A3 size, the lines are not broken when enlarged and the lines are all broken, so there is no need to do additional work when adding color.

All three Oregon map above are compressed files and can be downloaded for free by clicking Google Drive at the bottom. If you are using a map to provide travel and country information, we have created a variety of maps, so please go to the map category above and download what you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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