A simple way to create a shotcut shake effect

I’m writing about the shotcut editing program, which is widely known as a free editing program, and some people use it in Korea, while learning how to use it. This time, we will look at how to create a shake effect in English for shotcut shake, which is used to create a dynamic video. .

The video shake effect can be said to be an effect that you should be aware of as it can be used for various videos such as jumps, actions, and natural disasters when creating title text.

You can create your own with effects that appear regularly in various editing program courses, but there are plug-ins and presets, so you can implement them without difficulty.

The shotcut program will also be explained below, but there are presets that are not made by hand, so if you look at the explanation, you will be able to create a shaky video. -Program download site

1. Import video

shotcut shake

The first time you run the shotcut program and load the file, it can be difficult. You can load the video you want to work after clicking Open File on the top menu for the first time.

When the video is loaded, it starts playing immediately. After stopping, drag the video from the playback screen and place it on the timeline.

shotcut shake

You can drag the video from the preview monitor and drop it on the timeline, or tap the icon shown above to insert the video into the timeline. When I first encountered the program, I explained it because some people have difficulty putting it in the timeline.

2. Cropping video

shotcut shake

Once you’ve loaded the video, you need to cut only the part to shake, but it’s a job to find out which one because the shortcuts are different for each video editing program.

At first, I thought that the scissors icon was a button to cut, but that wasn’t it. If you press the <Crop at playhead position> shortcut S shown above, you can cut from a video clip.

You can make a video clip so that the part to be applied to the shotcut shake effect can be cut back and forth and applied only to that part.

3. Shotcut shake effect

shotcut shake

There may be people looking for an effect or filter in the top menu to apply the shotcut shake effect. If you click the plus button shown above, you can see the list of effects.

But if you look at the list, there aren’t many effects, but if you go into the options, there are presets so you can apply various effects.

shotcut shake

If you click the plus button, the filter will appear as shown above. You can find <size and position> here and click it. In the case of the English version, you can find the size and position.

shotcut shake

When the size and position are applied, the screen as above will appear. Click on the preset and select <Shake for 1 second-Zoom in>. The magnification here creates a space around it when it is shaken, which is enlarged to make it full.

shotcut shake

Shake for 1 second-There is also a no-magnification effect, but since it is not enlarged as shown above, there is space around the image. Select and apply the desired shot cut shake.

4. Filter replication

shotcut shake

When applying the shotcut shake effect to multiple videos, it is difficult to apply them individually, so you can duplicate the filter and make it easier.

After duplicating the applied filter by clicking the fold of paper shown above, click the file folder icon next to the video clip to which the same effect will be applied to apply the duplicated effect.

Using that method, you can quickly apply effects to multiple video clips to be shaken. Shotcut is a free program and has no functional restrictions, so there are some people who use it, but I will summarize various ways to use it while studying.

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