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Following the maps of Washington and Oregon, this time I made a map of the US state of Idaho. The state between Washington, Oregon and Montana is a long line, so I worked vertically.

The territorial area is 216,632km², so it may seem small, but it has a similar size in that Korea is 223,404km².

The population was 1,754,000 as of 2018, with a smaller population than other states. The total GDP of the state’s economic situation can be estimated at $ 77.8 billion. If compared to a country with a poor economy, Laos $ 17.95 billion, Cambodia $ 24.54 billion, and Laos $ 17.95 billion, which would be higher than the gross national product of one country. It is about.

Hay, sugar beets, potatoes, and apples are the major industries of agriculture and livestock. Of these, potatoes are the largest producer in the United States. We also export a lot to countries with low potato production.

Not only agriculture has developed, but also the manufacturing industry. Micron, a global semiconductor manufacturer for computer parts, food, machinery, and furniture, is located here, and Hewlett-Packard, a printer manufacturer, is also located here. However, since there is no large manufacturing industry, the gross output is not high compared to other states.

The mining industry is rich in production of lead, silver, gold, phosphate, zinc, and copper in the mountains, and the nature is beautiful and tourism development is also active, and places such as Health Canyon and Craters of the Moon are famous.

Although agriculture, manufacturing and mining are highly developed, services account for the majority of Idaho’s gross product. The capital city of Boise is a financial center and well-equipped restaurants, hotels and ski resorts attract hundreds of millions of tourists each year.

Compared to other states, it has a lot of rapids, so it’s a great place for extreme sports enthusiasts, and in the fall it has a natural environment that is too good for mountain biking and hiking.

In winter, you can enjoy skiing at 18 ski resorts, and you can enjoy a variety of winter fun, such as heli skiing, snowmobiles, and tours. Representative tourist destinations include Boise River Green Belt, Moon Crater National Monument, Snake River, Silverwood Theme Park, Bear Lake, and Route of the Higher Worth.

When I learned about Idaho and talked about the map, the program I used was an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color.

Since it is made in A3 size, it is good for printing or graphic work, and it can be used for various purposes by making it into three types of color maps, basic maps, and outline maps rather than just one map.

1. Map of Idaho


This is the Idaho map created this time. Because the area is long, I worked vertically, but since I made it large in A3 size, the text will not be visible or not.

Region names were previously displayed by referring to Wikipedia administrative district documents, but in the case of states, there is no administrative district document, so I searched on Google and indicated the region name in Korean.

We have searched to make sure we are not as wrong as possible, but there may be cases where it is wrong. If you find anything, please leave a comment and we will correct it immediately after confirmation.

Because it contains colors, it is easy to distinguish regions, and it will be nice to attach after printing. And it’s a good map type for those who write travel reviews or notes on blogs or sites.

2. Basic Map


Next is the colorless map of Idaho. Color is good when it comes to regional classification, but when printing, depending on the print quality, characters may be difficult to see and it is not good for handwriting.

So I made a basic map with no color and the terrain is white, so it’s great to use while marking after printing, and you can save ink.

Especially for those who want to display travel reviews or local information in a graphic program, the color can interfere with it, so you will be able to work comfortably.

3. Contour map


Color maps and basic maps may be uncomfortable to work with graphics. So I created a map of Idaho with all the letters and colors removed.

Since there is no text, there is no need to remove it, and since there is no color, those who want to add color only to a specific area will be able to work comfortably.

Since we have checked all the breaks of the lines, there is no need to do additional work when adding color. We have created maps for various countries besides Idaho Maps, so please go to the Maps category and download what you need for free.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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