How to synthesize using chroma key source

Those who want to create a fun and cool video by applying various effects when creating a video will find a chroma key source that can be applied quickly.

When it comes to video sources, I come to think of sources that can remove the background, but I’m trying to find out where to download and how to synthesize them.

It can be difficult for first-time listeners to use chroma key sources, but it refers to taking pictures of the background excluding the subject with a green cloth or panel in order to facilitate composition.

When you see a movie making film, you’ve probably seen actors filming in a green background.

If you shoot against a green background, you can change the background to something else, as if you exclude that color when working on post-graphics, only the subject remains.

chroma key

Particularly in a fantasy movie, when you need to create the appearance of a magnificent city wall or a broken building, the actors shoot against the green background and then remove the background created and combine them.

To make it easier to understand, I explained it with a green background, but if you want to know more through search, you can search for green screen or green screen to find more information.

Then, let’s look at how to download the chroma key source for free and how to synthesize it using Premiere Pro.

1. Chroma key Source

chroma key

Chroma key sources can be downloaded from a variety of sites, but the most convenient way is to do a Green Screen search on YouTube to view a variety of sources.

There are also interesting sources that were previously seen on YouTube, so if you were curious about how to synthesize such a source, you can make it easy by looking at the synthesis method introduced below.

Then, let’s see how to download the video sources posted on YouTube.

2. YouTube video download

chroma key

There are various ways to download video sources that can be viewed on YouTube, but it is convenient to use the 4K Video Downloader program.

This program allows you to download videos from various platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter as well as YouTube.

When you enter the site, you can see how to use it. Click the Download button in the middle to install it.

chroma key

When you install and run, the screen as above will appear. How to use is not difficult, but you can copy the address in the browser address bar from the YouTube video source playback screen.

Then, the YouTube icon will appear on the link copy button of the program, and when you click it, the video source will be downloaded automatically. The folder that is saved by default is saved in the My PC video folder. The saved folder can be changed in smart mode.

If you would like to learn more about how to use it, please refer to the program post for video download, high-definition, audio, and subtitles.

3. How to remove the background

chroma key

I will explain how to combine the downloaded chroma key source with the Premiere Pro editing program. After importing the video into the timeline, you can find Color Key in the Effects option.

Then drag the effect to the video clip on the timeline and apply it.

chroma key

If you apply a color key to a video clip, you can see the effect option at the top left. Here, when you click the green part of the video with the eyedropper in the Key Color option, the background is first removed.

However, there are cases where it cannot be completely removed. In this case, you can adjust the Color Tolerance and Edge Thin below to completely remove the background.

The Edge Feather option is to apply a blur. If it is awkward after removing the background, you can increase the number to blur it so that it is not awkward.

chroma key

This is the image of the chroma key source with the background removed using the Premiere Pro editing program. Now that the background has been removed, put it on the track above your video clip and you will see the composite look.

In addition to Premier Pro, it also provides functions for various editing such as Vegas, After Effects, Final Cut, Da Vinci Resolve, and Avid, so you can use your own program.

Chroma key sources can be downloaded not only from YouTube but also from various free sites, so it is good to download interesting and cool things and organize them in folders.

When organized, it’s easy to find and you can use it right away without the need to search and download, so saving as much as possible of free sources can shorten editing time.

Some people may find it difficult to see the explanation above, but if you watch YouTube videos, you can use interesting sources that can be viewed a lot, so if you know, you will be able to create interesting videos.

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