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Following the Idaho map, I made a Montana map, the state of the United States. Montana is a state between Idaho and Wyoming and borders Canada.

Unlike Idaho, which was recently created, it was not difficult to work on the terrain because it was horizontal. If you look at Montana’s area, you may not know how big it is if you look at the number 380,832 km£, but if you look at the size of Korea’s 100,210 km£, you can see how big it is.

Montana’s total GDP is $49.63 billion and per capita GDP is $39,356. Compared to Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia’s $24.5 billion and Laos’ $17.9 billion, which is higher than a country’s GDP.

The population comparison shows how high Montana is, with 1.06 million people, 16.25 million in Cambodia, and 7.06 million in Laos, but Montana has a higher economy.

When looking at the economic situation, the service industry accounts for the largest portion, and Billings City is the center of finance. There are many natural resources, but coal, natural gas, oil are buried, and gold, silver, copper, and lead are also being mined.

Because it is a place with a lot of minerals, manufacturing is mainly agricultural products and mineral processing, and there are four oil refineries and a lot of trees, so there are many sawmills. Since farms and grazing areas cover two-thirds of the state, they grow a lot of cattle, pigs, sheep, and produce a variety of wheat, barley, dried, soybeans, and potatoes.

The tourism industry is also developed, and the towering Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park, which boast beautiful scenery, are popular. Popular locations include Gate of the Mountains, World Mining Museum, Flathead Lake, Lewis and Clark Cavens National Park, Virginia City Pioneering History, and Big Sky Resort.

It is nicknamed the state of treasure with vast plains and the Rocky Mountains, but it is the lowest in the United States in terms of population density. The climate is cold, and it sometimes goes below minus 30 degrees Celsius in winter, and the temperature range is large due to the continental climate.

To learn about Montana and tell you about the map, the program I used for production is illustrator and I used Photoshop to add colors.

The size of the A3 is large, so it will be good for those who want to print or put additional information through graphic work. Montana map are made of three types and can be used for various purposes.

1. Montana Map

Montana map

This is a Montana map that I made recently. It was not difficult to make an outline because the terrain was as if it were made by measuring a ruler horizontally, but it took a while to distinguish it because there were many administrative districts.

Previously, I referred to Wikipedia and administrative district documents when I was working on them, but there were no documents, so I searched on Google and marked the region’s names in Korean and English.

Its neighboring states, Idaho, Wyoming, and Canada, bordering each other, did not create boundaries, but only marked them with letters so that they could know where they were.

Since you worked on the color with a low chroma, you will be able to see the letters well even if it’s a small image as shown above. Also, if you download the original image, it will be good to see after printing because it is A3 size.

For those who want to include additional information, the size is large, so it will be convenient to expand and use the graphics program.

2. Basic Montana Map

Montana map

If you have colors, it’s good to distinguish regions and it’s good to see on the wall after printing, but if you need to print a lot, it will take a lot of ink.

So I also made a Montana map that removed the color used to distinguish the region. Since there are no colors, the letters will be more clearly visible and you will be able to work comfortably if only certain regions add colors through graphic work.

3. Contour Montana Map

Montana map

Finally, a Montana map with only contours by removing colors and region names. Since there are only contours as the type of map that people who want to work on graphics look for the most, you will be able to work comfortably when adding colors or putting in information.

And since it’s A3 size, it won’t break even if you enlarge it when you do graphic work. We’ve confirmed that all the lines are disconnected, so you don’t have to do any additional connections when you add colors.

All three Montana map above are compressed files, and you can download them for free by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom. And since we made maps of various countries, if you are using maps, please go into the top map category and download what you need.

※ Go to [Google Drive] and click the Download button on the top right to get the map.

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