How to resolve GTmetrix fa-solid-900 errors

Recently, I modified it while measuring it on the GTmetrix site for site optimization, but I thought I solved it all, but I found various communities to fix it because there was an error calling fa-solid-900.

The font error that I encountered was found on the inspection site, not the CORS problem that can be seen in browser developer mode, and if it is Amazon Cloudfront CORS problem, you can solve it by referring to the posting on how to apply the Cloudfront light sale CDN.

When I found out why this problem occurred, I saw a message that the fa-solid-400 was added to the theme I use, so it was brought in properly, but the fa-solid-900 was not added.

Then let’s find out what kind of error occurred and how to solve it.

1. GTmetrix


The GTmetrix check site is a place where you can measure speed, so you can see the problems of your site at a glance. You can see what the problem is, so if you fix the errors here, you can approach optimization.

The reason why you expressed that you can get close is because there may be various problems that do not come out here, so it is good to measure them through several SEO, speed measurement sites.

If you see Waterfall in the GTmetrix measurement results, you can see various sources from the site, where Fonts found fa-solid-900 errors, so I looked at the foreign community to find out how to fix them.

2. fa-solid-900 Modification


At first, I checked if there was a problem with the CDN setting because there was an error with the CDN address, but it was not that, but I was able to solve it through the theme editor.


When you enter the theme editor and enter your own theme CSS, you can see the @font-face, but in my case, there was an error because there was only a fa-solid-400 marked in the red box above.

So, it was solved by entering the additional fa-solid-900 call-up right below. I uploaded the added part as a txt file on Google Drive, so you can download it and copy it.


After the theme CSS was added, the measurement again confirmed that the GTmetrix error disappeared as shown above. It’s a simple error, so there are people who fix it quickly, but people like me who don’t know well might not know how to solve it.

It’s a problem that I’ve experienced, but it could be a problem that other people can have, so I’ve organized the solution. Errors can affect the speed, so please measure them on the inspection site above and see if there are any problems.

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