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“Remove background easily with sites and apps”

If you don’t like the background after taking a picture, you’ll want to remove background in order to blur it out or leave only the characters. If you know how to use a graphic program, you can do it without difficulty, but most people who don’t know how to use it will use the application or the site.

I know how to use a graphic program, but because of the long working hours, sometimes I use the background removal site if I don’t need to do it in detail. There are a lot of sites that can remove background from Google, but the sites I’m going to introduce now have disadvantages, but because AI technology removes them, I removed them the most neatly I’

I told you that there is a disadvantage, but this part is also found on most background removal sites, and it is not a graphic program, so you have to take it.

Then let me summarize what kind of weaknesses there are.

  • Removing the background automatically may remove unwanted parts.
  • There is a limit to capacity and size because it is not a graphic program.
  • You must upload the image to another server as much as the site provides. (It will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time. )
  • Image quality may decrease because it is downloaded after working on the site.
  • The quantity of use is limited, not unlimited.

As a result of my own work, I have summarized the shortcomings of the Background Removal site, and most sites have these shortcomings, but it is helpful if it is simple because you can easily remove background with just a few clicks.

Then, if you search on Google first, let’s look at the website that comes out first.

1. Removebg

Remove Background

Removebg is the first thing that comes out when you search the background removal site on Google, and it has the advantage of being able to work on a bigger size than the site I used before.

It also has the ability to insert a new background after removing the possible background from the graphics program, so it provides more features than the site we’ve used so far.

However, there is a downside that can be said to be fatal, which is good for people who only work on one image, but if they need to work on multiple images, they have to pay.

By default, if you sign up, you’ll get 1 credit, which means you can only work on one photo and you’ll need to purchase additional credits to work on.

It’s not a good site for those who want to use it for free, but I introduced it to you because there are no size and capacity restrictions, so it’s good for those who want to use it simply.

Remove Background

Then, if you want to learn how to use it, click Upload Image to load the file on the first screen, or drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer, and the action starts and you’ll see the screen above.

If you only want the image removed from here, you can click the one on the right to download it. If you want to put an image in the background, press the edit button shown above and you will go to the task screen.

Remove Background

When you’re taken to the Edit screen, you can change the background by selecting the picture in advance, or click Select the picture you marked above to put the image on your computer as a background.

Remove Background

If the background is not removed properly as the most important feature, you can then click Delete / Recovery in the upper right corner and see what you see above.

After adjusting the brush size here, you can select Delete or Repair to draw on the image and remove background in detail as the part is deleted or the existing background image is restored.

Also, if you delete or repair something wrong, pressing the revert button shown above will restore it so you don’t have to worry about mistakes.

The above background removal site is functionally good, so you can work comfortably, but given that there is only one quantity limit, we do not recommend it to those who want to use it in bulk for free, but only those who want to work on it or pay for it.

2. BgEraser

Remove Background

Since it is difficult to use the site above for free, there is a place called BgEraser if you introduce a better site. The first time you enter, you will have a capacity limit of 2MB and a size of 700X700, but if you sign up, you can work on 5MB and 2000X2000 sizes.

While the first site we introduced is only free of charge and expensive, the BgEraser site can remove 5 images per month background for free, and it is cheaper at 199 images per month at $9.99 per month.

However, it is the same to automatically remove background, but the difference is that it is not possible to change the background or correct it if the background removal is incorrect.

Remove Background

It’s simple to use, but if you log on to the site and sign up and drag and drop the image, you’ll see a list as shown above. When you press the Start button here, the background removal task starts automatically.

When the background removal task is finished, the Download button appears, and when clicked, the image that completed the task appears in a new tab. You can download it by right clicking there and clicking Save Image as.

3. Application

Remove Background

I introduced two background removal sites, but there might be people who don’t have a computer or want to take pictures and remove them right away, so if you introduce the most installed application, there is something called Background Eraser.

There are many people who use it because it is free of charge, but it is harder to remove background than the removal site introduced above. There is an application that can be used more comfortably, but it can be burdensome if you don’t use it often because it’s a fee.

If you look at how to use it, you’ll find it more difficult than the site, but if you install it on Google Drive and run it, you’ll see Load a photo, and if you click it, you’ll be able to retrieve it from your gallery or drive.

When you import an image, you can crop it by moving the side mark by cutting the picture as the first step.

Remove Background

The second step is to remove background using the cutting, erasing, automatic, and magic functions. If you press Auto here, it can be removed automatically, but it is not accurate and the background remains.

So I have to use an eraser to erase it, but it is difficult to work in detail because I use a smartphone instead of a computer. I tried it, but it was not easy, and if it was me, I would work comfortably and quickly using the website or graphic program I introduced above rather than using the application.

If you want to erase the background in detail, you can use the Removebg site that you introduced at the beginning, and if you want to use a larger amount and a lower price, you can use the BgEraser site that you introduced at the second.

If you want to erase the background after taking a picture, you can use the above two background removal sites, or if you find it difficult to use a computer, try using the app.

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