Simple way to balance the lightroom white

If you take a picture and come here, the color changes due to the lighting and camera settings. If you balance the white balance, you can find the original color. There are various programs, but let’s find out how to balance the lightroom white, which is often used for photo correction.

Recently, I introduced how to balance white through Photoshop program. Some people say it’s complicated because of the layer setting and effect. Lightroom doesn’t have to do that. It’s simple to balance white because you just have to choose a color with slides and spoids.

1. Develop

lightroom white

After you import the image, you can see the white balance tool in the upper right corner of Develop, where you can adjust the color and color of the picture, cut it, and remove red eyes.

Because the Develop module is non-destructive, the original image has the advantage of not losing data quality. This information can be found in the official manual, and if you want to learn more about the Development module, please click on the link to find out more.

2. Lightroom White Balance

lightroom white

When you see it on the right side of the WB in the white balance function, there is a list of display settings for the camera, which in the case of JPG only shows Auto and Custom, and all lists are for non-compressed images such as RAW.

  • Daylight: Sunlight
  • Cloudy: Cloudy
  • Shade: Shade
  • Tungsten: Tungsten Lighting
  • Fluorescent: Fluorescent (fluorescent lamp)
  • Flash : Flash

You can think of it as setting the environment when filming, but if you choose from the list, you can see that the color of the image changes.

lightroom white

There are two white balance slides, which can be further adjusted after white balance between the list and the spoid with Temp and Tint.

  • Temp: Adjusting the color temperature of the image will adjust to cool color if you move to the left and to warm color if you move to the right.
  • Tint: Adjust Temp to compensate for magenta or green hues and neutralize remaining green or magenta hues.

3. Lightroom White Spoid

lightroom white

The quickest way to balance the lightroom white, and the correct way is to find and take a picture of gray in the image. If you look at the image above, you’ll find the gray in the image because the R, G, and B figures come out with the color distribution.

The configuration of the red 50.2 percent of gray, green, blue 50.2 % 50.2 %, because, covered the r, g seupoideu b figures like maybe you can take your search.

The white balance correction function of the lightroom is the most basic when editing an image. You can modify the image that has been changed a lot at once, so if you know, it will be useful when editing an image.

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