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Recently, the site was hacked and deleted the bulletin board with a large number of postings, resulting in a decrease in the number of visitors overall. So I decided to use Rank Math because it’s a burden to purchase SEO plug-in.

I thought it would be very inconvenient to use it because I was using Yoast SEO before, but the list I had to add was similar, so there was no problem using it.

However, since it can be different internally, it would be difficult to think of it as a plug-in with the same function.

However, I think it’s a plug-in for those who feel pressured to buy it because they can use the features that can be used for free only when they switch to the professional version.

1. SEO Plug-in – Rank Math

rank math

The SEO plug-in Rank Math has fewer users than Yoast SEO and ALL In One SEO, but since it is increasing rapidly and periodically updated, you don’t have to worry about interruption in service.

You should check that all plug-ins are updated periodically and compatible with WordPress you are using, and determine whether to use the plug-in.

If you use an incompatible or non-update plug-in, the site may slow down or be vulnerable to security, which may cause hacking concerns.

2. Feature List

rank math

When you enter the Rank Math plug-in homepage, you can see the features available in order: SEO Analysis, Advanced SEO Optimization, 5 Keyword Optimization, Rich Snippet, XML Site Map, AMP SEO, Travel Path Navigation, 404 Monitor, Redirect Manager, Google Search Console Integration, External/Internal Link Counter, OpenGraph Markup, Role Manager.

I can see that you can use features that are only available in the SEO plug-in pro version for free, and what I liked about it is that they are arranged in a less difficult way to identify them.

And site SEO analysis is internally located without having to rely on external inspection sites, so you can quickly identify deficiencies. Because it is connected to Google Console and Analytics, you can figure out the analysis results on your own.

In particular, the results of keyword analysis can identify which articles are popular and which topics are highly clicked.

3. How to Use

rank math

When you install the Rank Math plug-in, you will see the list at the bottom like Yoast SEO. Enter the first Focus Keyword and write according to the items below.

By default, the focus keyword must be located before the title, and the focus keyword must also be inserted in the first paragraph. And the most important thing is that Yoast SEO should have at least 300 words, but Rank Math should have at least 600 words, so there is a difference in writing longer.

rank math

Content Readability is then not good for just writing, so you need to add images or videos, and if a paragraph is too long, it will be less readable, so you can see the condition that the paragraph should be short.

This can also be seen in Yoast SEO, which distinguishes paragraphs from paragraphs can get a good grade in legibility.

There are also various SEO conditions, and you can use the translation function in Chrome browser to correct the missing items.

rank math

Setting up the SEO plug-in can be difficult if you are using it for the first time, but the Rank Math has Easy mode, so you can set it up automatically as a representative one.

It’s easy to use Yoast SEO, and it’s a representative plug-in that many people use, but it can be a bit complicated to use advanced features only when you buy it, but think of it as an alternative to Rank Math, a SEO plug-in that can use a variety of features.

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