WordPress Table of Contents Plug-in for Simple to Set Up

When I opened another site, I installed and used the Rank Math SEO plug-in, and I found out that there was a table of contents in the inspection. So I thought I had to do it myself, but I installed WordPress Table of Contents plug-in.

The Easy Table of Contents plug-in I installed automatically adds a table of contents to the existing posting, so I liked it and there are various options, so I can use various functions.

What I especially liked was that there was a function that made me not to use CSS, so I could choose to speed up the site. And you can keep following the table of contents in the sidebar, so you can go right away without having to go back to the top of the posting.

1. WordPress Table of Contents Plug-in

wordpress table

Easy Table of Contents is a popular plug-in installed by more than 100,000 people and is now compatible with WordPress, so you can install it with confidence.

If you install and activate WordPress Table of Contents plug-in, it works as a basic option, but it creates enough table of contents, so if you like it, you can just use it.

2. WordPress Table of Contents Plug-in Settings

wordpress table

If you use Chrome browser to translate, it won’t be difficult to set up. The first thing you need to do is to choose the type of table of contents, so you can basically choose your writing.

If you make a series using a page, check the page and the table of contents will be automatically created. The table of contents is operated by subheading, so those who don’t use subheadings won’t be able to see it.

wordpress table

You can choose where the table of contents will be located, and by default, it is before the first title, and you can choose just below the title, at the top, and at the bottom to determine the location.

And if the title is small, some people might not like using the table of contents. If so, you can choose when to display it only if you have a few subheadings in your settings.

wordpress table

There is also an appearance setting, so you can change it to whatever you want, but there are various settings such as width, title font, font size, and color, especially there are many different colors, so you can set it according to the theme.

wordpress table

Then you can choose a title to create a table of contents, but you can only check the type of title you want to show as a table of contents. Next, if you don’t need a shape, you can improve the site speed even a little by preventing you from loading the core CSS style.

You can also exclude titles so that unwanted phrases do not appear in the table of contents. Other settings may be used as a basic setting.

3. Problems with the Add-Sense Table of Contents

wordpress table

If you are using AdSense, sometimes the AdSense code is inserted in the table of contents as shown above. In order to solve this part, I looked for a problem with the plug-in setting, but it was not a problem with the plug-in, but the title tag was inserted in the image when writing, so I recognized the ad-sense as a table of contents.

wordpress table

So the solution is to change from editing to the upper right text mode and remove the title tag inserted in the image so that you can solve the problem of the add-sense code in the table of contents.

wordpress table

I didn’t use the table of contents, but I used it because I recommended it on the Rank Math plug-in and saw a comment that said it was good in terms of SEO.

Using WordPress Table of Contents can help you acquire information quickly and prevent long-writing breakouts. If you didn’t use it, please install the plug-in above and try it.

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