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After writing on WordPress, you will share a lot to increase the number of visitors. But it takes a lot of time to share all social media directly on the site, so if you use WordPress Sharing Plug-in, you can share it at once.

The reason why we share it on the site is to encourage people to visit through links, but also to build backlinks. I didn’t think about backlink when I first started WordPress, but I’ve been working on it through sharing recently.

Backlink is measured not only by Google but also by Naver and is used as a score to see how popular documents and domains are, so it is important to know how to build and what to be careful about.

[ Naver Webmaster Tools Backlink Description ]

  • Backlinks are HTML links used by other sites to refer to the content of my site.
  • Content proliferation is statistical data on backlinks, and if you receive a lot of backlinks, you can judge it as a reputable site.
  • Backlinks received from high-profile sites are better than multiple backlinks received from low-profile sites.
  • It may be disadvantageous to mention sites that are intentionally created to increase the frequency of comments.

If you look at the explanation above, you can see that backlinks are used as factors to determine good sites. There are two types of backlinks: dofollow and notfollow, and it is important to find sites that apply because dofollow is recognized as backlinks.

It is difficult to find the dofollow site yourself, so if you search Google as dofollow backlink, you can find various sites.

If you choose a site that is convenient to join and can be shared in Korean among the sites you have found through search, it will help you raise your reputation.

Since we have to share it in various places to build a backlink, social media can save time when we use plug-ins. There are various wordpress plug-ins, but I would like to introduce Blog2Social that I use.

1. WordPress Sharing Plug-in

wordpress sharing

WordPress sharing plug-in Blog2Social has various functions as shown above. This plug-in is used because unlike previous shared plug-ins, all you have to do is click the button and it’s all shared.

Also, there is a scheduler, so you can check the posts shared by dates, so it’s easy to find the missing parts. In particular, the auto-publishing function was good because it was shared on the social media that I set up because I only needed to write posts that I clicked and shared every time.

2. Blog2 Social Interworking

blog2social 미디어 설정 min

When you install the WordPress Shared Blog2 Social Plug-in, the menu will appear on the administrator screen, and when you click and enter the Networks setting, you will see a list of social media that you can share.

You need to link social media to share here, but if you click the Profile button shown above and log in and accept it, you will see the SMART sign below that the link is complete and connected with the account name.

Most of them are linked well, but as a result of my experience, Twitter and Instagram are recognized as spam, so please exclude the social media.

3. Blog2Social Sharing

wordpress sharing

There are two ways to share, but if you look at the top right of the editor where you write a post, you can see the Share button, and if you click after opening the post, you can share it with the social media you set up.


When you press the Share Blog2Social button on the editor, it comes out as you can see above, where you can edit the thumbnail, title, and content, and if you look to the right, you’ll see a list of social media to share, you can click and cancel.

If you liked all the settings, scroll down and press the Share button at the bottom to share.


You can also share directly from the editor, but if a post has already been created, editing can be a hassle. So, if you enter the site&Blog content, it comes out as a list as you can see above, so it’s easy to sharing WordPress.

4. Automatically sharing Blog2Social


You can also click the Share button directly in the editor to share WordPress, but if you do it every time, you can forget it or it can be cumbersome. So, among the Blog2 Social plug-in features, there is an Autoposter that automatically shares posts when they occur.

When you enter the Settings setting, click the one shown above and change it to ON, and the type of posting you want to apply automatic sharing. After checking what you want, press the Save button at the bottom, automatic sharing is applied.

By default, the plug-in is free to use, but when you use the Pro version, you can use additional features such as Telegram, Facebook Group, and Posting Templates.

If you’d like to share WordPress, but you’ve entered all the sites and created it yourself, please share it quickly using the plug-in we introduced above.

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