WordPress Plug-in to show related articles

If you run WordPress, you will write in the text and add related articles. I didn’t add it at first, but I’m adding it to the bottom to increase the page view.

Related articles can reduce the departure rate as well as page views, and it is good in terms of SEO, so if you haven’t added them in the meantime, you’d better add them from now on.

Plug-in Installation Benefits

  • Maintain longer website visitors to reduce departure rates
  • Website page views, internal links increased
  • SEO Good Impact of Increasing Internal Links

Page view on the rise because of visitor was moved to a different text to stay and continue to reduced departure rate of increase search engine due to different posts links, easy.Find and seo will give a positive impact on.

WP WhiteSecurity – Strengthen website SEO by displaying WordPress-related posts

However, it can be difficult to select and add articles one by one. So I’d like to introduce a plug-in that automatically selects and adds.

1. Install the associated article plug-in


You can search and install the YARPP plug-in with a lot of ratings and users among the plug-ins. When installing all plug-ins, make sure to check the compatibility with your WordPress version and the latest update date.

Incompatible plug-ins can cause errors during use, and non-updated plug-ins can cause functional and security problems.

2. Filter Settings


When you install the Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) plug-in and view the settings, you can view the YARPP, and the filter settings appear first when you enter.

This is where you set limits on the text or page to appear in the relevant text, and you can select categories and tags to limit the related text. What’s a little disappointing is that there’s no function to choose the writing, but I’m also looking for this part, and if I find it, I’ll write additionally.

3. Selection options


The next setting is the relevant option, where you adjust the corresponding article matching. Here, the matching threshold is by default 2, and the higher the value, the more similar the subject article is added.

You can choose to review the title, body, category, and tags. Depending on what is selected here, the associated article to add is selected.

4. Display Options


If you have set up for text selection, you will select the last type to display and the maximum number to display. You can choose a list, thumbnail, and PHP for the shape, but the most frequently used list is the list.

At the top of the list, it says Related Posts in English, which can be modified directly in the post-and-post related articles. If you are using the Table of Contents plug-in, clear the part or remove the H3 tag in front of you and it will not be included in the table of contents.

And if you look at the bottom, there’s an option mark on the RSS, and if you activate it, there’s a good effect on search engine optimization (SEO).

Writing a good article is the most important thing, but adding a table of contents and related articles has a good effect on SEO as well as users, so if you haven’t added it, please install a plug-in and add it automatically.

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