Structured Data Prerequisites AMP Error Resolution

I was checking the Google Console every time, and I checked that the AMP application has decreased recently, and I clicked it to see that it was effective (warning). The AMP error was the first problem I encountered due to the lack of structured data essentials, so I didn’t know how to correct it.

So I searched and looked for ways to correct errors, but there was only a list of essential elements and I couldn’t find a solution to the problem I was experiencing. After thinking about it like that, I found out how to check the error, so I was able to solve it easily.

Perhaps it was an easy problem to solve, but since there was no problem in the meantime, it took me a long time to find a solution because it was my first time experiencing it.

Then let’s look at the structured data essentials and see how they solved the problems I’ve encountered.

1. Structured data essentials

Many people will apply structured data because it is said to be good in terms of SEO. I also applied it, but there was an AMP error due to the problem.

If so, to give you a brief description of what structured data is, it’s a standardized format for providing information about pages and classifying page content by helping you understand the content of pages.

amp error

If you search on Google, there will be some cases where the results come out as shown above. When applying structured data, you can think of it as a way for the search engine to understand the details of the page, such as ingredients, cooking time, temperature, calories, and ratings.

Structured data can be applied without difficulty if you install the plug-in even if there is no function in WordPress theme.

WordPress can be applied easily, but there are essential elements to apply structured data. Failure to meet any of them will result in an error.

2. Google Console AMP Error

amp error

When I checked the Google Console AMP, the validity gradually decreased, so when I clicked and checked, I could see that the number of validity (alerts) increased as shown above.

There were two problems, one was that there was an error in the structured data essentials and that the image size was not the right size. I corrected the image right away because it’s a problem that I can know right away.

amp error

However, there was no way to check in Google Console which part was wrong about the structured data essentials.

When you see the URL check above, it is impossible to check by clicking the crawled page view, and there is an error in the required structured data element below, so you cannot see what is wrong with it.

Therefore, people like me who are experiencing it for the first time can’t figure out the problem, so I can’t find a solution, but you can find out how to check the error by testing the rich search results.

3. Testing rich search results

amp error

Rich search results tests can see structured data in a search environment that shows much more content than a typical blue link in Google Services.

When you connect to the site, you will see the URL entry screen as shown above, and you can enter the address of the post where the error occurred and proceed with the test.

amp error

If you proceed with the rich search results test, you will be able to see that there are errors as shown above. If you look at the number of detected items, you can see which part has errors, and you can see that there are two errors in the AMP part.

amp error

When you click on the part with AMP error, the items appear, and the part with the problem is marked as shown above, so you can check the AMP error.

The problem I experienced was that there was no website logo, so I could easily solve it because I could add that part without difficulty. I can’t tell what the problem is because I can’t organize it in the Google Console, but if you use the rich search result test, you will be able to check the site’s problems.

4. Troubleshooting

amp error

I’m using Astra theme, and if I go into customization, I can see you add the logo as shown above. We solved the problem that occurred this time by adding the website logo here.

Since it was a simple problem without adding a logo, I solved the structured data essential error easily, but even if there is a problem with other elements, you can check it through the rich search result test I told you above, so if there is an AMP error, please check and find a solution.

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