How to save and load Lightroom preset

Lightroom is a program that makes color correction comfortable, so you can adjust it to the desired color, but it can be difficult for those who are learning for the first time, but if you use the lightroom preset, you can adjust the color comfortably.

Some of you might not know what presets are, but you can save the adjusted figures and think of it as a save file that you can bring in later and apply them all at once.

In addition to the lightroom, there are presets in various editing programs, so you can apply what others have made.

Then let’s find out how to save the lightroom preset and how to bring in what others have made and apply it.

1. Save Lightroom Preset

Lightroom preset

If you have imported the photo and modified the color, you can go into the Development work environment on the top right to save it as a preset.

Lightroom preset

Once you enter the Development environment, you can see the Presets on the left, where you can click the + button and click Create Preset.

Lightroom preset

When you click Create Preset, you will see the window shown above, where you can enter the Preset Name and check the items below in Settings to save as presets.

If you don’t know what to check, you can check Auto Settings. If you have checked the items you want to save, press the Create button below.

Lightroom preset

If you create a preset, you will see that the preset was added to the User Presets list. If you click this, it will be applied to the photo with the saved figures.

2. Preset Storage Folder

Lightroom preset

If you save the preset, you can use it because it’s on your list, but if you want to share it with others, go to Ctrl + or Edit > Preferences from the top menu and you’ll see the screen above.

If you look at Location, you can see Show Lightroom Development Presets. Click here to see the folder where presets are stored.

3. Load lightroom Preset

Lightroom preset

The downloaded preset is simple, but you can click the + button on the preset and click Import Presets to select the light room preset file. – Lightroom Presets Download

Lightroom preset

When you load the downloaded lightroom preset, it will be organized into a list as shown above, and it will be applied to the picture as soon as you click it.

The lightroom has a lot of presets because many people use it because it is quick, comfortable, and can be corrected with the color they want.

So it’s good to do it yourself, but if you use the preset made by others, you can adjust the color easily and quickly.

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