Sites and plug-ins where broken link can be found

When you run a wordpress or a website, if the link you deleted or added is not connected properly, you will see a 404 error screen instead of being a broken link and accessing the homepage.

Google says the 404 error screen does not affect SEO, but visitors can access the site for information, but they leave the site immediately and it interferes with Google crawl function, so it is recommended to correct the broken link.

If you delete a post, the 404 error identifies that the search engine is the wrong address, and as time goes by, the crawl stops and is excluded from the search, but in the case of an external link you add to the post, if you don’t solve it, it can affect the SEO.

Therefore, it is recommended that you periodically check the broken link that causes 404 errors and correct it. For WordPress, there is a plug-in that lets you check broken links, but there is no plug-in at a typical site, so I’d like to introduce you to the inspection tool site and plug-in that lets you check broken links.

1. Broken Link Checker 

broken link

First, this is the Broken Link Checker WordPress Plug-in that I introduced before. This is the wordpress plug-in that you use the most because it automatically checks broken links when a certain time is available.

Until recently, I used the plug-in above to check the link that was suddenly disconnected, but the recently changed SEO plug-in had a link check function, so I deleted it.

It’s good to be able to check almost real-time, but since the site can slow down just by adding one plug-in and conducting an inspection, if you’re trying to reduce the loading speed, it’s a good idea to choose a periodic inspection directly through the site below.

If you want to know more about the plug-in, please refer to the previous post. – Broken Link Checker for WordPress broken links

2. Online Broken Link Checker

broken link

The name of the plug-in I introduced at the beginning is similar, but when you connect to the Online Broken Link Checker , there is an input space on the top right, and if you enter your site address, you will see the screen above.

Here, if you type your site address in number 1 and number 2 in secure characters and press the Find Broken Links Now! button, you’ll start looking for broken links and when you’re done, you’ll see the list below.

If you want to reduce the loading speed because you don’t need to install the plug-in, you can use it as a periodic check because it’s an inspection tool site.

3. Ahrefs Inspect Broken Links

broken link

The Ahrefs inspection tool has the disadvantage of subscribing to a place where you can see the overall nature of the site, such as backlinks, rank trackers, and parent pages, as well as a paid upgrade to use all of the features.

However, the basic function can be used for free, so it is a well-known inspection tool site with many users. When you enter the site, sign up, and enter your site address, the inspection starts and the full report comes out.

If you want to see various functions, click on the website thumbnail on the left, and you’ll see the screen you see above, where you can find the Broken Links menu and click on it.

There may be people who feel pressured to sign up, but you can use various functions with a free plan, so if you want to see various information on the site, it’s good to sign up and check it out regularly.

4. Rank Math Plug-in

broken link

If you’re running WordPress, you basically install the SEO plug-in, but if you have a broken link function, you don’t have to install the plug-in additionally.

The Rank Math plug-in that I am currently using is free of charge, so the number of users is increasing, but it has a feature called 404 Monitor, so I can check the wrong link without having to install additional plug-ins.

The fact that you can check the wrong link and apply redirection right away is also attractive to those who want to change the SEO plug-in.

Even if you leave it at 404 error, it will no longer be displayed in the search over time, but it is effective because it can be delivered more clearly to the search engine if you redirect 410 (deleted content).

5. Seo Spider Tool

broken link

I introduced you to the site and how to use the plug-in, but the program may also find the wrong link. The Seo Spider Tool is a program designed to check various site information about SEO.

But after using the program myself, it was quite inconvenient to use it. First of all, if you don’t know English well because it’s not translated, it’s hard to do it at first and I’ve installed it a few times, but it’s hard to see because it keeps coming out in cursive.

I think it’s a font setting problem, but I didn’t know how to fix it. So if you don’t have cursive writing when you install it, you can check various SEO information, so it will be useful.

If you run WordPress or a site, you will put an external link or delete the wrong post. However, if there is a continuous crawl of the deleted posts or link connection is not working, it is good for SEO to modify them.

So please select the website that checks the broken link above and the plug-in that you are comfortable with, and check it regularly to modify it.

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