How to remove Adobe Lightroom blemishes

“Photo Calibration Program How to Remove Adobe Lightroom blemishes easily”

Photoshop is a representative program for editing pictures, so there are many ways to remove blemishes. But Adobe Lightroom blemishes don’t have a lot of classes, and it can be hard for people who are new to the program to find tools.

While I was studying photography in the light room, I was going to fix it because I saw blemishes. I found a course because I didn’t know the tools. If you’ve done photoshop, it’s a similar function, so it won’t be difficult.

1. Develop


When you run Adobe Lightroom and bring up the photos you want to correct, you will be on the task screen, where you can click Develop on the top right, and the tools will be changed on the right.

When you see the official guide, Develop is a phenomenon module that includes navigators, presets, snapshots, history and collection panels, tools and panels for adjusting pictures.

2. Spot Removal


To remove adobe lightroom blemishes, when you enter the Develop module, you can see the tool on the right. If you click the tool called Sopt Removal with the right arrow on the circle, you can see Clone and Hill.

  • Clone : Replicates the sampled area of the replication image to the selected area.
  • Heal : Match the textures, lights, and shades of the sample area to the selected area.

Clone is the same as Photoshop’s painting tool, and Heal automatically adjusts similarly to remove blemishes.


If you just remove blemishes, you may not know the difference between the two functions, but if you look at the image above, you will see the difference. Clone replicates as it is because it is a copy tool, but Heal matches texture, lighting, and shade, so you can see the difference.

3. How to Use


Clone and Heal If you knew the two tools, now you can use them in the blemishes in the picture, they’ll disappear like the screen above. In the case of the dots shown in the picture above, using the Heal tool will disappear as soon as you click, so you can remove blemishes easily.

The size of the area can be changed by adjusting the right option Size figure or by placing mouse points around a circle, but it is easier to adjust by using the mouse wheel. If you find out the difference between the above two tools, removing Adobe Lightroom blemishes will not be difficult.

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