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Following the map of North Dakota, I made a Nevada map, which is well known in the US state. The state of Nevada is a long line of American states between Oregon, Idaho, California and Arizona, so I worked vertically.

The area of ​​Nevada is 286,367km², which is more than twice as large compared to 100,210km² in Korea. Although the area is large, the population is small with 3.08 million, but it is a state that is growing rapidly.

The total GDP of which the economic situation is known is $1687 billion, and the GDP per capita is $43,820, compared to Southeast Asian countries, which is $24.5 billion in Cambodia, $17.9 billion in Laos, $71.2 billion in Myanmar, $270.4 billion in Bangladesh, and $2452 billion in Vietnam. As a result, countries with difficult economic conditions are several times higher than or equal to the economic power of one country.

Las Vegas is what many of you think of when you think of Nevada, and it creates so much employment and resources that it is said to take up most of the state’s economy.

Las Vegas is one of the most supportive of the state, with tens of millions of people visiting Nevada every year. Building in the desert area, it started small at first, but now, as tourists flock, it has grown into a large city with the population of the city over 500,000 and the metropolis nearing 2 million.

There are also minerals, and the mining industry is also developed. Among them, gold and silver account for most of the mining income, and barite, copper, gypsum, lithium carbonate, and magnesite are also produced.

Because agriculture is owned by the federal government over four-fifths of all Nevada’s real estate, land is rented to raise livestock. The crops include barley, village, mint, onion, potato, and wheat, most of which are irrigated farms.

India is the largest Nevada exporter, with South Korea in 11th place. The country with the most imports is China, and Korea is the fourth.

The most exported items are gold, casino machines, electronic products, and copper, and the most imported items are electronic products and electric battery parts. If I only knew about the state of Nevada, where tourists from all over the world gather, and talked about the map, the program I used was an illustrator, and Photoshop was used to add color.

Not only one type of map was created, but three types of maps, color maps, basic maps, and outline maps were made so that they can be used for various purposes. The map is made as a compressed file, and you can download it for free by clicking Google Drive at the bottom.

1. Nevada Map

nevada map

As the map of Nevada created this time, I worked vertically, and the name of the region was previously referred to as the Wikipedia administrative division document, but since it was not found, it was displayed in Korean and English through a search on Google.

I searched on Google, but sometimes I entered the wrong procedure. If you find it, please leave it in a comment and we will edit it as soon as possible and upload it.

Surrounding states of California, Arizona, Oregon, and Idaho can be complex, so the location is not marked with borders and text is used.

If you are looking for a detailed map with cities, airports, roads, etc., you may not need it, but if you are looking for a simple map for travel reviews or state information about the state of Nevada, it will be useful.

The size is also A3, so it will be easier for those who attach it to the wall after printing or add information through graphic work while expanding it.

2. Basic Nevada Map

nevada map

Secondly, the Nevada map introduced at the beginning has color and is nice to see, so some people prefer it, but if you need to print in large quantities, it takes a lot of ink and depending on the print quality, the text above may be difficult to see. Some of you may wish to have the color removed.

Since I removed the color and made it a white background, it would be great to use while marking after printing, and it would be comfortable to work with when providing travel route or administrative information using graphic programs such as Photoshop.

3. Contour Nevada map

nevada map

The last Nevada map type is just an outline map with all colors and region names removed, so you’ll find it easy to use when creating your own maps.

Since I worked while making sure all the lines are cut off, there is no need to do additional connection work when adding colors, and I am an illustrator, and even if I make it and enlarge it, it will not break significantly.

The 3 maps of Nevada above can be downloaded as compressed files by clicking on Google Drive below. In addition to the Nevada map, we have made maps for various countries, so if you need it, please refer to the map category above and download what you need.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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