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Following the map of Gabon in Africa, this time I went back to the United States and made a Colorado map. Colorado is the US’s predominantly rectangular shape between Kensas, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico, making the outlines easy.

Colorado is 269,837km², which is more than twice the size of 100,210km² in Korea. With a population of 5.75 million, the area is large, but the population is small, but it continues to increase.

As it is a place with the Rocky Mountains and a lot of snow, there are many winter leisure facilities such as ski resorts. Looking at the industrial structure, mining takes up the highest proportion. Petroleum, natural gas, and coal, which are representative resources, are produced as major minerals.

In addition, a lot of gold, molybdenum, sand and gravel are being produced, so it can be said that the economy is supported by a lot of resources. The service industry also accounts for a large portion of the economy, and oil, natural gas, and coal, which are representative resources, are produced as major minerals.

Representative attractions include Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park, Red Rock Tree and Outdoor Amphitheater, Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, and magnificent mountain ranges such as Japata Ranch, powerful rivers, and deserts. It is an American state with beautiful natural scenery.

The manufacturing industry is dominated by computers, electronics, and food products. Chemicals and medical supplies are also developed. Agriculture covers roughly half of the farmland and is mostly made up of livestock and livestock.

Grains are corn, hay, wheat, and corn is also produced, and peaches are a representative fruit. Major exporting countries are Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, and Japan in that order, with semiconductors, electronic components, medical and alcoholic beverages ranking high.

Due to the Rocky Mountains, hydroelectric power and solar power generation are carried out, accounting for about 25% of the total power. Let’s take a look at Colorado in the United States, which is visited by many tourists due to its many underground resources and the Rocky Mountains, and learn about the map.

The program I used to create the map is an illustrator, and I used Photoshop to add color. Not only one type of map was created, but three types of maps, color maps, basic maps, and outline maps were made so that they can be used for various purposes.

All three types are compressed files, and you can download them for free by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom. Then I’ll show you the Colorado map we created.

1. Colorado Map

Colorado map

This is the shape of the Colorado map created this time, and it was made larger in A3 size, similar to the way it was previously created, and regions were separated using colors.

If you look at the outline above, it looks like a rectangle, but it’s actually a trapezoid, so it’s a little different from the actual terrain. Even if you look at a map made in a foreign country, it is a rectangular shape, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Since there is no document for the administrative district of Wikipedia, the name of the area was displayed in Korean by searching in English on Google. So sometimes the name is different, but it is probably the name that is commonly used as you searched on Google.

The color-coded regions look great, so it would be great to attach it to your blog or site when writing posts.

2. Basic Colorado Map

Colorado map

The second is the Colorado map with the color used for regional classification removed. If there is color, the text may be difficult to see depending on the print quality, and it takes a lot of ink.

And since it has been made in a large size, it will be convenient to add or remove colors only for specific areas through graphic work. If you look at the image above, you can see the name of the region more clearly if you attach the map above to the post if the color says that even the 900 size image can not be concentrated in color as the text is clearly visible.

3. Contour Colorado map

Colorado map

The last is a Colorado map with only outlines with all colors and letters removed, which is a good map type to use when creating a map with your own information using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Since I worked while checking all the lines to see if there are any breaks, I will be able to easily add the color I want without additional connection work.

There are also many of the two types introduced above, but most of them are looking for an outline map because there are people who want to add statistics or additional information to the map.

All of the above three Colorado maps are compressed files and can be downloaded for free by clicking on Google Drive below. In addition, since we have created maps for various countries, if you provide information through maps, click the map category above. Please download the map you want for free.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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