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Following the Colorado map, I made a Utah map, the US state. Utah is a country between Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona, and because it is a long line, I worked vertically.

The area of ​​Utah is 219,887 km², which can be said to be about twice as large as Korea. The population is 3,161,105 people, and the population density is 14.12 people/km². There are differences in area and population, but compared to 516.4 people/km² in Korea, it is very small.

The total GDP, which shows the economic situation, is 18.86 billion dollars, compared with developing countries, Cambodia 24.5 billion dollars, Myanmar 71.2 billion dollars, Vietnam 2452 billion dollars, Philippines 3309 billion dollars, Malaysia 3586 billion dollars. It is enough to see that the state is higher or similar than one country.

GDP per capita is quite high, with $55,550, which ranks fourth in America’s list of good states to live in, with all sectors well-equipped, including healthcare, education, economy, and infrastructure.

Its main industries are mining, agriculture, salt production, and government services, and eastern Utah is also rich in petrochemicals. The services industry is large enough to make up the majority of Utah’s GDP and is mostly concentrated in the metropolitan area.

In the manufacturing industry, computers, electronic products, and processed foods are developed a lot. Processed foods include dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and meat products.

Mining is rich in coal, copper, molybdenum, natural gas and oil, while agriculture is high in livestock and livestock, accounting for 70% of income. The main crops are barley, corn and wheat, and the typical fruits are apples, cherries and peaches.

Utah has a low unemployment rate in the United States, with an unemployment rate of around 3.2%. The population is constantly growing, which is affected by higher fertility rates than other states.

The tourism industry is also well developed, and the places recommended on the official U.S. website are Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Temple Square, Entelope Island State Park, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Narous, Bear Lake State Park, Goblin Valley State Park, Park. City Mountain Resort and more.

The climate shows a dry subtropical climate, with an average temperature distribution of -1°C to 13°C in January, and an average temperature distribution of 29°C to 38°C in July. So, let’s take a look at the state of Utah and learn about the map.

The program I used to create the map was an illustrator, and Photoshop was used to add colors for regional division. Not only one map was created, but three types of color maps, basic maps, and outline maps were made so that they can be used for necessary work.

All three maps are compressed and saved in Google Drive so that they can be downloaded. Then, let’s look at the Utah map created this time.

1. Utah map

Utah map

This is the shape of the Utah map created this time, so you can work vertically to see a larger image than the horizontal map. Region names are displayed by referring to those in Korean after searching in English on Google.

It was found by searching on Google, but it may be different, so if it is not the correct name, please leave it as a comment and we will work on it and correct it. In order to distinguish regions, colors with low saturation are used to make the text visible, and the colors are also made in CMYK mode so that the print will be printed as it is seen.

The states of Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho, which are bordering the borders, do not create borders, but only use letters to indicate their location.

I used colors to distinguish regions, but since this is the most popular type of map, it would be great to use when writing posts on blogs or sites.

2. Basic Utah Map

Utah map

The Utah map that I first introduced is color-coded, but it may look good, but when printing, depending on the print quality, the name of the region may be difficult to see and the color is included, so it takes a lot of ink.

So, this is a map of Utah with the colors used to identify regions. The terrain is white, so it’s great to use as a mark after printing, and it’s convenient to add information about a specific area with a graphics program like Photoshop.

3. Contour Utah map

Utah map

Lastly, this is a map with only outlines, which is most sought after by people who work on graphics. Since all colors and text are missing, it will be convenient to add the colors and information you want using a graphics program like Photoshop.

All three Utah maps above are compressed files and can be downloaded for free by clicking on Google Drive below. In addition, since we have made maps for various countries, if you are writing articles using maps, please refer to the map category above and download the map you want.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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