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Following the map of Utah, I made a Arizona map, which is located in the United States. Arizona worked vertically because the states of the United States, which are located between Utah, Mexico, Nevada, and California, have an elongated border.

Arizona means a small spring in Indian language, and the Indians are the most inhabited, so protected areas exist. The area is 295,254km², which is almost twice as large compared to 100,210km² in Korea. The population is 7,216,270 people and the population density is 22 people/km².

The total GDP of which the economy can be known is 326 billion dollars, which is about 35th in the world.Compared to developing countries, Cambodia 24.5 billion dollars, Myanmar 17.2 billion dollars, Vietnam 2452 billion dollars, and the Philippines 3309 billion dollars are higher than the total GDP of one country or You can see something similar.

GDP per capita is $43,709, making it the 18th largest in the world. The climate is located in the desert, so it shows hot in summer and warm in winter.

So it’s one of the best states to live in because it has a moderate climate. It is not an American state with only deserts, there are plateaus, land, and mountains, there are great canyons, and the Hillah River flows in the southern states.

Phoenix and Tucson are also large cities, and it is a province where Koreans live more than other states. Looking at the industrial structure, the service industry is an important industry, accounting for 80% of the state, and most of the service industry is concentrated in the big cities of Phoenix and Tucson.

The manufacturing industry mainly consists of computers, electronic products (search, detection, navigation equipment, semiconductors), aircraft, helicopters, aerospace products, and chemicals, synthetic metal products, non-metallic minerals, and processed foods are also developed.

Agriculture produces a lot of lettuce, cotton, hay, citrus fruits, melons and vegetables. There are also a lot of livestock, so it forms a large dairy farm, and there are many Angora goats, pigs and sheep.

Mining accounts for most of the state’s income, with copper being the largest, making it the number one production in the US. In addition, gold, molybdenum, silver, and coal are produced.

In the order of industries with high employment, international trade, logistics, education, health, and business were leading the state’s economy with copper production. There is.

The countries that export the most are Mexico, Canada, China, the UK, and India, and the countries that import the most are Mexico, China, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Highlights include the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Meteor Crater, Hoover Dam, Old Tucson, Montesuma Castle National Souvenirs, and Havasupai Falls. Mountain biking and white water rafting in nature are popular.

To this extent, I can learn about Arizona and talk about maps. The program I used for the production was an illustrator, and Photoshop was used to add colors.

If there is only one type of map, it cannot be used for various purposes, so I made it into three types: a color map, a base map and an outline map. Then I’ll show you the Arizona map that I created.

1. Arizona Map

Arizona map

This is the shape of the Arizona map created this time, since it is lined up vertically, so it looks better than the horizontal map. Colors are used to distinguish regions, so it is good to look at printing, and to make it larger in A3 size for graphic work.

The borders of Mexico, California, Nevada, and Utah are so that you can focus on the Arizona map without creating borders, but by marking them with letters to help you locate them.

When writing a post on a blog or site, you can download and use the image above. If you want to download the original A3 size image, click Google Drive at the bottom to download it.

2. Basic Arizona Map

Arizona map

If there is color, it looks good, but when printed in large quantities, it consumes a lot of ink, so this is an Arizona map with the colors used to distinguish regions.

Since there is no color, it is good to use while marking after printing, and since you can focus more on the name of the region, it will be good for those who write travel reviews or region information to add information with a graphic program such as Photoshop.

3. Contour Arizona Map

Arizona map

The final Arizona map is an outlined map with everything from colors to area names removed. The above two types can also be used to add or modify information using a graphic program, but if you need to remove colors or text, the work will take longer.

That’s why there are people who need a map with only outlines, so you can work comfortably when you create a map with your own information using a program like Photoshop.

All three maps above are compressed files and can be downloaded for free by clicking Google Drive at the bottom. Also, since we have made maps of various countries, if you are providing information through maps, please refer to the map category above.

※ You can download the map by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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