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Following the map of Mali, which is located in Africa, this time I made a London map, the capital of England. This is not a detailed London map, but rather a map of administrative districts and topography at a glance.

The area of ​​London is 1,569km² and it can be said to be 2.6 times larger than that of Seoul. With a population of 898.2 million, the population density is high as it is a central city, but it is the lowest among the seven cities.

If you compare it with Seoul, Korea, 5,199 people/km² in London and 16,100 people/km² in Seoul, you can see that Seoul has a very high population density. Seoul has a smaller area than London, but it has a larger population.

As of 2018, the GDP of the UK’s economy is worth 648 billion dollars, accounting for about 3/1 of the UK’s total GDP. London has the most developed service industry, among which finance is the center, and is the three major hub of the world economy along with the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Over 85% of London’s employed population is 3.2 million people in the services industry, followed by 500,000 in manufacturing and construction. In the industry, publishing, textile, machinery, and pharmaceutical manufacturing are developed.

London is also famous for football, but it is a city that many tourists visit because of the many things to see. Representative attractions include the British Museum, Tower of London, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingup Palace, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Sail Paul Cathedral, and Westerminster Abbey.

London is ranked first in the world’s best cities in 2021, and it was selected by evaluating various factors such as employment, investment, and tourists, not only as the place of residence, work, and visit.

If you know about London this much and talk about map making, the program I used is an illustrator, and Photoshop was used to add colors.

Previously, it was made into 3 types of maps, but this time, the color maps and basic maps were made in Korean & English versions to create 5 types of maps. All types of maps can be downloaded for free by clicking on Google Drive at the bottom.

1. Color London map

London map

This is the shape of the London map created this time, and administrative divisions are indicated by referring to Wikipedia.

Colors are used to distinguish regions, so it would be great to attach it to the wall after printing, or attach it to your blog or site when writing London travel reviews or city information.

2. Base London map

London map

This is a good map type for those who want to print in large quantities as a London map with the colors used to identify regions removed following the color map.

Since there is no color, a graphics program such as Photoshop may be convenient to add color or information to a specific area. And after printing, it will be great to use while taking notes.

3. Contour London map

London map

Finally, this is the London map with all colors and region names removed. Since there is only an outline, it is a kind of map that is easy to put in the desired color and information using a graphic program such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Since we have confirmed that all the lines are broken, there is no need to additionally connect when adding colors, and even if you enlarge it by making it a good illustrator for working like a map, the lines will not be greatly broken.

It is also good to work while enlarged when working with graphics by making it large in A3 size. All of the above map types can be compressed and downloaded for free by clicking Google Drive below.

In addition, since we have made maps from various countries to cities, if you are using maps to create articles or infographics, please refer to the map category above and download what you need.

※ You can download the map above by going to [Google Drive] and clicking the download button at the top right.

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